What is Taxable value of supply in contract notes addition to GST?


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Guys i didn't trade much after the GST was in place.
I have recently started to trade again intermittently, and in my contact notes i can see this "Taxable value of supply" and seems it is even more than STT !!

Does anyone have any clue about this and seems this is in addition to GST and Exchange transaction tax.
I am trading in Sharekhan, earlier when i was in Zerodha pre-GST, never saw this.

Do you see it in other brokers as well? (Understand tax is broker agnostic, but never saw it earlier in my Zerodha contract notes pre-July).
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You were paying Service Tax (ST) prior to GST and ST is replaced by GST
ST replaced by GST is understandable, but in my contract note, i am getting charged separately under a head called "Taxable Value of Supply" in addition to GST. That is what is confusing, and its value interestingly is more than STT. Is it charged by all brokers?
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