Is Profit from Commodity Trading Taxable ?


1) Can anyone please explain , whether the Profits that comes from commodity Trading is Taxable or not ? That is should i pay the tax that we payout from profits from commodity trading ???? If yes , then what is the slab rate for An individual male aged 24 and for a Retired Female aged 58 ...

2) Can an Govt employee do trading in his name ?

Anyone who is doing Commodity trading please explain ..about the tax and tax returns ...

Plz reply ...Thanks:):):)

praveen taneja

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For one question so many threads???????????

Tax is less for senior citizens according to slab and to females also.

All profits be it short term or long term are taxable to individuals in India FII& HNI ko sab muaf hai
Sorry i had this doubt for so many days , but didnt get a proper answer , thasty why i created so many threads ....

But many say , there is no tax ...i mean the profit that we withdraw from the Trading terminal backoffice to our bank is not taxable ..??? i am confused , anyway i will verify this with my broker ..

Thanks for ur quick reply

But members doing commodity trading in this forum , please share ur views about tax related to commodity trading ..

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