1. P

    Does the market hate Dividends now?

    Time was when stocks ran up into the Dividend - with people buying the stock for the tax efficiency of dividend on one hand, and to generate a short term capital loss on their equity on the other hand. Now, it looks like the reversal of tax policy on Dividends has shifted market behavior...
  2. P

    ONGC Dividend Trade

    With Saturday’s announcement of ending of Dividend Distribution Tax, there is a very interesting scenario - companies like ONGC, which have a high dividend yield, and which normally pay their dividends in end-February would be incentivized to delay their payment by a month - to April. This delay...
  3. shubhamchugh

    Need help regarding Demat account & tax saving

    Hi all, I want to start investing in equity market. Please help me regarding these queries- 1) If I invest 1,50000 Rs. in equity market, that amount will be exempted from taxes. Am I right? 2) If yes, then how would the tax exemption be calculated in my scenario - * I got the job in August &...
  4. S

    Trading in parents name

    Trading is not allowed for govt. employees. My father is also an Govt. Employee who is years away from retirement. So i want to open an account in my mothers name(Homemaker, uneducated) and trade Intraday only in that account and will file ITR without fail. Income, if at all any, will be...
  5. kingsmasher1

    What is Taxable value of supply in contract notes addition to GST?

    Guys i didn't trade much after the GST was in place. I have recently started to trade again intermittently, and in my contact notes i can see this "Taxable value of supply" and seems it is even more than STT !! Does anyone have any clue about this and seems this is in addition to GST and...
  6. N

    Taxation books

    I am looking for books on taxation. Would like to know of simple introductory books as well as advanced books on direct and indirect taxation. Thanks in advance.
  7. C

    Limited Scrutiny Notice

    hi Friends, I've received limited scrutiny notice for AY 2015-16. I had filed losses for the year in FnO segment. While i'm NOT scared or panicking about this as I've done the filing through a good CA, just wanted to know if any of you have had gone through this experience before. do...
  8. N

    GST Reform of indirect Taxation

    Hi, What will be the implications on trade cost if GST bill get passed in the assembly. will be only one tax instead of many?
  9. S

    Review Portfolio returns around 6% in past 1 year

    Hi Guys, I just started investing in mutual funds last year to save tax and yield better returns than FD which hardly beats inflation. I would required you to kindly provide your views and guide me:hap2: I have started with around 2 Mutual funds after doing lot of research online...
  10. F

    Recommend a good tax consultant in Mumbai for filling ITR4

    I live in Dombivali, Thane district, Maharashtra. I'm a full time trader. The tax consultants I have met here simply do not know how to show short term trading (equity) as business income, and not as short term capital gains. They seem to be clueless about calculating the turnover too. They have...
  11. F

    Where to pay Tax

    Hi I live in India from birth. I have opened a International Bank account in London and especially for the Purpose of Forex Trading. My friend Deposited his money there who lives there as uk citizen. And I started doing trading from India but my all transaction places in uk and their bank...
  12. Twitter

    how i'd be taxed ??

    my only income is from buying/selling shares. and i only earn around 1-1.5 lakh per financial year. i have been in market since last 3 years and i haven't paid income tax even once. i also never submitted ITR. :confused: all these times i was thinking that as i earn less than 2.5 lakhs, so i...
  13. C

    Business Tax Returns Filing Started

    Dear All, The tax filing for Business/profession cases in ITR-4 has started. In case you need any assistance, feel free to add to this thread. Regards
  14. T

    Tax and brokerage intraday 2014.

    I want to know what is the profit (my net earnings ) after deducting the brokerage and all kind of taxes in intraday trading. Suppose a share is bought for rs 431 and sold for rs 431.35. what will be net amount i will gain after paying all the taxes?? Brokerage is .02% both sides Also if i...
  15. A

    taxes in trading

    Hi all, I traded in commodities. I have an account in sharekhan. I want to know that what about taxes in trading. Is there any benefits in income tax. As i see with a buy or sell i pay some tax. I want to know that is there any other taxes that i have to pay in financial year. thanks
  16. S

    ELSS and the DTC Impact

    Hi, I want to know from people here about ELSS. Firstly, is it likely that the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) will come into effect for the April 2013 financial year? I actually want to invest in the ELSS for tax benefits and want to know if it is a good option. If not, where else would you...
  17. G

    Is it wise to take ICICI Life Stage Wealth II policy for newbie

    Hi, I have very poor knowledge of finance and was looking for some tax saving scheme when my personal relationship manager told me about this scheme. Can some one please share his opinions on this policy. How much net gain would I get at end of 5 yrs in this policy versus net gain in some...
  18. K

    Income tax filing for derivatives trading

    Hi, I have done some trading in futures and options alone and this is my bank statement tally for 31-Mar-2011 Total debit for FY 2010-2011 = 463635.43 Total credit for FY 2010-2011 = 478684.86 These amounts are solely for my derivatives trading. In ITR 4 I have mentioned these...
  19. B

    Taxation regarding F&O losses.

    Hi, I have seen this posted in many places, but haven't found any satisfactory response yet. So I'll post it here. I am a salaries individual with small capital gains as the only other taxable income. I made a loss trading in F&O in the last Financial Year. What do I gain by reporting it in...
  20. M

    Treatment of tax on Fixed deposit interest

    hi I made a FD of 6 Lakh at 8.50% for 5 years yearly interest =Rs 51000 As your can see TDS will be deducted approx 10% after that i am left with rs 45900 My yearly income is 4 lakh Please clarify on this 1) if tds is deducted by bank on by interest income then the remain...