What is intraday trading ?


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Intraday trading implies buying and selling stocks within the same trading day. The buying and selling of securities is done not with an intention of investing but to earn profits from the fluctuations in prices. Intraday traders are advised to invest only that much money which they can afford to lose. So while trading intraday investors are advised to choose two or three liquid shares, utilize stop loss, book profits when target profit is reached and determine entry and target prices.
Intraday trading is an important strategy in the portfolio of some traders. Such trading is extremely speculative (in fact, it is pure speculation and market game), but it allows you to get significant income through the quick use of information. I would not recommend this approach, considering that you are a beginner, since it requires endurance and the ability to analyze information and news.
Intraday trading is not meant for everyone. Only those who are well disciplined about trading and are good at timely entries and exits, only they should try hands in this type of trading, not all.