What is Credit Violet?



Hello everyone

I am known as CreditViolet here.It is the name of my self made and self run company.Having a background in programming and computers I found the transition to trading smooth.I am completely a system trader.No emotions No guessing.As I believe the future of trading is automation and nondiscretionary trading I spend lot of time designing,testing and optimizing selfmade as well as systems that I find in various books.
In the future I would like to be a prop trader or professional trader for institutions as my current account doesnt let me completely trade my sytems due to compulsory drawdowns that occur.
I have been a active member at various boards across the internet and believe that if anyone is intrested in learning about the markets this is the way to go.
Hoping for a long stay here
Thanks to traderji


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Hello Credit Violet,

So we finally get to know the real YOU.

Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope you can contribute to this forum by discussing someting on basic trading systems designs and performance for the benefit for the other members of this forum too.


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My dear Creditviolet
Without you, for our problems, there would be limited outlet.
Your responses are as razor sharp and pointed as a Gillette(blade)
Without you, this forum would resemble a gun without bullet
Without you, this forum would be like a moneyless wallet
Without you the odds in trading would be as bad as in Roulette
Without you, this forum would resemble a barren house displaying To-let
You are as precious to this forum as to Romeo was Juliet
When one reads credits posts, one realizes that this is just a Silhouette.

Well, I would rather spend time with you then those pretty faces on CNBC/NDTV.

Ha, Ha no offence meant but all of it is true. I was searching for something and saw some of credits other posts like Trading simulation and Feel the real time heat, calculate your trade size, ultimate free tool for TA etc and could say with conviction that among members quality wise and quantity wise, he lives up to the first name credit. His posts on Krishnamurthy and guessing game makes him an allrounder- his name should be debitviolet since he is hardly violating any credit.
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I like ur poem so much sh that i took a print of it.Thanks so much for the compliments sh .I will live upto it.:)


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Good question about pretty faces. What I meant was pretty faces compared to a year ago. Relativity is not just confined to TA. Roc(CNBC Pretty, faces, 365,percent)> 50. What can one expect of CNBC anyway? At least there is no bearishness.

I have made a few additions to the poem above. You can have a look.

Considering the fact that in our country the trading & investing education is unstructured, people are not generally proactive parting with tips ( cricketers have a healthy tradition) and the amount of time it must have taken you to make so many posts, it is a treat to have someone like you. There was an interesting ad I read on the Maruti(800) windscreen, When I grow up, I shall become a Mercedes. All I can say is that if I ever grow into anything close to a professional trader, I want to be like creditviolet. The most splendid gesture from your part was to make an offer to fellow Bangaloreans. I can appreciate because I have met a lot of eccentric characters here in the past few months.

Poetry they say is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions. While I was writing the above para, this is what occurred to me

So wonderful are your tips
Many are tiny but as effective as computer chips
They save beginners like me many hardships
They can only evoke praise from everybodys lips
Without them, our losses could be as bad as a severe spanking on the hips.

Though others have made valuable contributions, the best tribute would be for any beginner to be directed to traderjis and your posts just the way any newcomer to Delhi is taken to Qutub Minar and Lal kila.


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sh50 said:
Though others have made valuable contributions, the best tribute would be for any beginner to be directed to traderjis and your posts just the way any newcomer to Delhi is taken to Qutub Minar and Lal kila.
I think in a way we all look forward to reading your wonderful and humourous anectodes.

Everone who posts in this forum contributes in his/her own way and that sure does go a long way in making this forum fun to visit.

I must say without your off markket related quotes in this forum, trading would sure be dull!

In a way sh50 you too are generous with your contributions by way of posting in this forum.

Keep it up!


Thanks sh for the poem.Actually u tickled my own poetic talents so i also got started on one.Will post soon,but i am afraid that it will undo any good reputation i have.hehe.Its that bad. :)

Also i wanted to know who u find the prettiest of all on cnbc.So i thought let me take the lead on this.Being a night person and night being the only free time i get my favorite is obviouly a night anchor.Maria Bartimoro is my favorite by the way.See pic and u will agree.
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Yeah she is good. Reminds one of the song " O Maria" from the movie "Saagar". I was talking of the Indian females who have improved over last year:-

When I first saw the photograph of Maria
It dawned on me that women presenters should also be like five star Maurya(hotel)
They can give the stock market a run for its money in generating Euphoria
Just the way the Japanese have been facing competition from Korea
Requesting CNBC India , Please le aao do chaar aur aisi choriya(girl in hindi)
Who bhi itni hi khubsoorat hai jaisi yeh Vilayati goriya (fair complexion)
Like Shahrukhan in "Raju ban gaya Gentleman" everyone can be in "loveria".(Loveria hua-famous song)

We have enough Miss World and Miss Universe, haven't we?

Dont get me started again. My wife does not let me say more than 2 or at the most 3 at a time(familiarity breeds contempt) . I am getting beyond limits(overbought and time for trend reversal- Lets discuss krishnamurthy)

By the way, what is worth watching or prime time on CNBC according to you.?

Replying to traderji, I have tried to share whatever interesting things I have come across as a beginner.
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Yesterday, we were dining out and I happened to read about CNBC presenter Shirin Bhaan IN HT newsmagazine Brunch. She says that when she goes out, she has become used to people commenting on what would look good on her apart from which stocks to buy. I am not surprised at all. Imagine, she has not taken a holiday for 3 years. She seems to like stocks and shares as much as some people seem to like her.

What about your poem? We are not in any poetry contest and so you should post it.

Hope you didn't mind the one on Maria. Can't help it- my mind goes bullish on such things. I have already thought of another one but I shall spare you the ordeal.
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