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  1. sanju005ind

    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Started this thread for sharing ideas related buy stocks for swing and positional. I will be posting my observation of the historical behavior of some the top stocks and search those characteristics in other stocks.I will be using Technical Analysis and a little bit of basic Fundamental analysis.
  2. J


    Hi, I do long term, swing and day trading full time, My first interest is day trading right now, but I am actively into all the areas. My experience has been about four years in day trading, six months in swing trading and more than 6 years in long term.
  3. G

    Medium to Long term Strategy

    Hi, What all factors to be taken into consideration for medium/long term strategy while investing in stocks? Regards Gag
  4. A

    What are potential multibaggers at present?

    Hi everyone, I request members to share what they think will be potential multibaggers from fundamental point of view in the next 2-4 years time frame. Also if you could share your reasoning behind it, it will be great. Anjani Mumbai
  5. J

    Govt action on bank consolidation. Picks

    Hello all, The govt has announced that it wants 8-10 large banks (size > SBI) in order to finance the future growth on the country. This was also referred to by OP Bhatt, chairman of SBI, in an earlier interview. The simplest way to build large banks is to acquire smaller banks. An...