What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

Practice is the key to success and if you wish to achieve success in the Forex Market, you need to practice a lot with small amounts to learn about the Market in a much better way.
I should say that you definetely need to learn money and risk management in order to save your money from the absolute loss on the market which is highly likely to happen when we talk about intraday trading.
I doubt that basic things will help you become a good intraday trader. If you want basic things, here you are: intraday trading is such kind of trading when the deals are opened only for a few hours maximum and don't stay overnight.
We should first figure out which kind of personality we have and if we can quickly respond to the changes around us then we can also do day trading or scalping otherwise we have to look into any other trading style.


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Taj mahal wasnt built in a day ...
Why make nse rich by stt...
use swing trade it gives better return.

in intra day tradign you can earn 30K in 1 day but in crash like 19th april2022 you will loose 1.7 lakhs
its like you loss chance are 6 times higher...
you win you make 33K
you loose you give x 6 times

so still want to intra day trading CASE CLOSE

imagine same scene if u was in future and if u had margin u would stand strong in my language
Lakh ni saame Beja lakh laga wana ... Defending 1 lot of nifty with another 1 lakhs ;xD so you have 2 lakhs you play only 1 lot ;xD
and book profit only when you get to eat 500 pty or 1000 pts only way to win ;xD

old chaps who understand will agree with me ;xD
Hii folks,
Im new in intraday tradding.
I invest In mutual fund through SIP.

What are the basic things that everyone should know before begin with Intraday trading??
Before going in for Intraday trading, there are a few basic things that everyone should know:
1) What is Intraday trading? - Intraday trading is the process of buying and selling stocks within the same day.
2) What are the risks involved in Intraday trading? - The risks involved in Intraday trading are mainly due to the volatile nature of the markets.
3) What are the benefits of Intraday trading? - The benefits of Intraday trading include the potential to make quick profits, as well as the opportunity to learn about the markets and how they work.
4) What are the best strategies for Intraday trading? - Some of the best strategies for Intraday trading include following trends, using support and resistance levels, and making use of technical indicators.You may also go for trading simulation, there is various stock market simulator are available where you can test your strategy in real time data feed without any fear of loss. Neostox is a latest trading simulator which provide you tick by tick data feed. There is charge for using this platform.
For intraday traders, timing their trades is very important. They don’t get a lot of time to execute their trades. So, it would be best if they practice well enough on their demo accounts.

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