VSA for daytrading commodities


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@primitivetrader Bro no supply near resistance is bullish sign na . i dont understand vsa whole pls throw some point regard this
tht depends on context. there is nothing like hard and fast rule in vsa as they are chart reading principles. background is very imp.


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price structure of crude oil 3M chart since moring its in trading range

structure is the most imp thing in vsa/wyckoff. not having command over price structure is a big drawback for vsa traders


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Master the markets by far one of the best books for me. It's not for novice or beginner.
Rest material you can purchase from trade guider. I have brought lots of courses from the site some years back. And it was the best investment I have made apart from Gary Dayton stuff.
Can't afford the paid stuff right now but will definitely look into it.
Btw what time frame do you generally use for intraday VSA, 1 min hasn't worked very well for me.


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