Wyckoff & VSA



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your analysis is pretty armature. it seems like your basics are not clear the buying climax is not a buying climax. there is not SOT per say. supply always comes on an up bar so supply overcoming demand is also wrong. there is more to your chart in terms of vsa/wyckoff which you have missed or left out.
rest its upto you do well.
primitivetrader son, first get the difference (& similarities) between the two methodologies Wyckoff & VSA :cool:

VSA is based on Wyckoff principles but not same as Wyckoff methodology, supply coming on up bar is a VSA stuff & Wyckoffians don't accept this.

where supply is overcoming demand I've drawn trigger lines to make it simpler for kids like you, notice the increase in volume there & decreasing on retest.

For SoT & EvR please google search & learn. ;)


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:D Keep it up


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i have been mentored by late Tom Williams in an online course and some 10 years back i have taken the wyckoff course from stock market institute. anyways all the best with your analysis. the problem i feel is the google knowledge rather mis-knowledge
really? than lemme test you, tell me how would you differentiate between a VSA hidden test & a VSA no-demand & what is the Wyckoff term for the VSA no-demand, cmon you should be knowing it. :p


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i dont know. you carry on with what you feel and think right.

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