volume spread analysis

  1. H

    VSA for daytrading commodities

    Does anyone here do intraday trading on commodities (crude oil) using VSA principles with consistent profits?
  2. SwayamDas

    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    Hello Guys, what's the significance of the volume inside the trading window? Is it the number of shares available in the market? Or the total number of shares currently traded since market opening?
  3. bunny

    What exactly is a markup/markdown?

    Hi guys, I have just completed reading "Master The Markets" by Tom Williams which teach Volume Spread Analysis. In that concept, he frequently uses terms like "markup" and "markdown". I know that markup means prices is increased, and markdown means price decreases. But what exactly is the...
  4. karthikmarar

    Volume Spread Analysis

    Friends For me TA is a passion. I have been experimenting a lot on various aspects of TA. It has been a good learning experience. Sharing my experiments was a bigger learning experience. Truly, unlike sharing money sharing knowledge only leads to further expansion of knowledge. A few...