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Today i will start my trading journy documentation here


today i went shorts in Bank nifty futures @ 31901.3 shorted 400 qty ...

moment it goes 32600 i be dead uptill 32599 iw ill fight i have blood till 32599

Actually if i wasn;t that idiot Sl should have been max 300 pts but yeah i am idiot to put Sl of 32599
and this battles is of months not years months .

i know ppls that shorted bank nifty aren;t allive they all dead I be one of first RIsing Bear :xD


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This is just beginning

LEVEL TO watch is
and top side 32200 or 32600 should be SL



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Covered all 400 @ 29900.1
bought 400 @ 29880.55

on closing basic if thie goes below 29671 at 3:29 i will square off if not then will hold till it goes back to 31900

i know risk next fall level be


and high assending level be


thats how u pay less STT and by year net your profits be in green always
Gann masters

24 feb it has to be 31900 ? possible is the question i ask to gann master
2 march 30900 which one ?? lol

on 6 feb or before it will break 30200 on closing basic if we on track ^^ Bull confirmation level
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Fii :- We have Money we rule Market We have Most powerful Algorithm to leech All indian

Vmaster369 : We have Gann Square of 9 Wheel .. A Derivation from Sudarshana Charka in astro Enough to beat you.

Deletes amibroker from computer ^^ East or West investing.com is best :xD
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it almost touched 30900 today
2 march 30900 which one ?? lol........ my words lol lmao

i squared off at 30853.85

Rally was fast and i don;t trust dat movemenet ..

Went 400 Bank nifty short at 30849.8

down target remains same 29500 29000 ....
if gann was alive he be proud of me ^^


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Question is when it will go
29400 on 27th feb ?

Laughs :-
Puri duniya hum ko shana samje lekin hum ko malum hai hi ki hum kitne gadhai hai ............Quotes ( quote from Rakesh junjun interview)

Devil says tomorrow 6th feb
not going to 31200 and closing below 31000 bank nifty only gives confirmation of it;s going back to
29600 in this month itself ^^ spot always
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This has nothing to with my trading ....
just needed space to write somewhere
Shedevil says
NIty futures Feb
This whole month should stay in range of
High max possible 12352
Max low 11551

those is range for nifty .. Lets see if either of level gets taken in month of feb


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They have broken 31200 and managed to stay above it. tomorrow we will see if they manage to break 31530 again or they going south.

To go trades in favor closing below 31240 is required Else Winter is coming lol

tomorrow bank nifty not crossing 31418 only means a beak of

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claps Bank nifty spot below 31200 . and nifty below 12100 ^^
Next weekly will Bank nifty be 30600 - 30000 ? My eyes are on 19th and 27 feb ^^
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