Vmaster361 Lessons Part1 "Whats Best Time Frame"

Whats Best Time Frame ?

It takes 4 minutes for Earth to move 1 degree

so whatever time Frame u choose should be linked to number 4 or multiple of 4

4 minutes
4 hours
4 weeks

I choose 4 hours :xD

Thats closest to Daily time frame.


3 6 9 are power number
there are 3 Trends


so Basically technique to make big money is buy whatever breaks 3 (Years)
3years + 52 week price break = you invest money in that company For next 6 years / 9 years and it be next TCS or HDFC BAnk

OR screw that
Who whats to look balansheet of company forget all and just buy index
and buy index when they are near to moving average on Daily weekly monthly

Best buys are buy the index when entire world is selling .like say bad budget day price goes down 5% 10% thats time to buy
and buy at End of day so you get max benefit .
Buy the Fear and
sell the greed when ppls are too much optism


Do not sell or buy for 10 or 20 points in that only STT brokers and govt gets rich.

How much should be your goal ?

NIfty 1 lot takes

Span Rs: 65,591

Exposure margin Rs: 39,351

Total margin ? Rs: 1,04,942

So your profit target from 1 lot of nifty should be R.s 39000 or closer to it
So think over it and ask yourself How can i get such a target ?

only when u are able to buy the nifty when entire market is selling thats time to buy and hold

=======For today i have bored you enought==========

I am no Astrologer no winner no phd lol. i am just regular person like you .
Above bullshit is only for entertainment purpose .

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