Vmaster361 Lessons Part1 "Whats Best Time Frame"


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Whats Best Time Frame ?

It takes 4 minutes for Earth to move 1 degree

so whatever time Frame u choose should be linked to number 4 or multiple of 4

4 minutes
4 hours
4 weeks

I choose 4 hours :xD

Thats closest to Daily time frame.


3 6 9 are power number
there are 3 Trends


so Basically technique to make big money is buy whatever breaks 3 (Years)
3years + 52 week price break = you invest money in that company For next 6 years / 9 years and it be next TCS or HDFC BAnk

OR screw that
Who whats to look balansheet of company forget all and just buy index
and buy index when they are near to moving average on Daily weekly monthly

Best buys are buy the index when entire world is selling .like say bad budget day price goes down 5% 10% thats time to buy
and buy at End of day so you get max benefit .
Buy the Fear and
sell the greed when ppls are too much optism


Do not sell or buy for 10 or 20 points in that only STT brokers and govt gets rich.

How much should be your goal ?

NIfty 1 lot takes

Span Rs: 65,591

Exposure margin Rs: 39,351

Total margin ? Rs: 1,04,942

So your profit target from 1 lot of nifty should be R.s 39000 or closer to it
So think over it and ask yourself How can i get such a target ?

only when u are able to buy the nifty when entire market is selling thats time to buy and hold

=======For today i have bored you enought==========

I am no Astrologer no winner no phd lol. i am just regular person like you .
Above bullshit is only for entertainment purpose .


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Actually this is Lessons Part2 Why not trade intra- day
and How to trade like legendary trader Swing Traders.

Day trader life is
monday :-- made 0.5% of capital
tuesday :-- made 0.8 % of capital profitabale
wednesday :-- made 1 % of capital
THURSDAY LOST 10% of capital in 1 day

Day trading is like gambling habit forming hence you loose.

80 % of pls trade day
and 80% of loose it .... No day trader goes virgin .market raps(e) all day trader 1 day .
thats day trading still wanna do that ?

Still wanna do day trading then
4 min
60 min 1 hour
15 Min

are time frame to be choose but again. If you wanna follw day trader path have STOP loss at
100 day moving average in 9 min time frame .

still didn;t inspire you not to be day trader then here is example u should do it
stock is 100 then buy more at 105 110 115
if it goes 95
squareoff BOOK loss and call it day
do not trade more that day
do that and you can do same for 10 session before you go broke
Do intra day if u have heart to book loss then price goes below 100 day moving average in 9 min time
sure play it but not adviced

Fii :- We have Money we rule Market We have Most powerful Algorithm to leech All indian
Vmaster369 : We have Gann Square of 9 Wheel .. A Derivation from Sudarshana Charka in astro Enough to beat you.
Follow my 4 hrs time frame and your Pl loss statement at year end will be ++

Goal is to double your capital by year end with minimum STT paying meaning do less trades.
Catch the lows and highs of 4 hrs time frame Life be much more simpler

Google and read about
Legendary Trader GANN
Legendary Trader Jesse Livermore
Legendary Trader Paul Tudor Jones
india's own Guy Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

nothing more to say

I am no Astrologer no winner no phd lol. i am just regular person like you .
Above bullshit is only for entertainment purpose .

=======For today i have bored you enought==========
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it;s not about time frames it;s about the Price ^^ and
how much beating you can take when your trades goes against you like Rocky^^
Actually next Lession 3 is on What to buy and What not to buy ...

They say

It all matter is how much you lost when u are wrong and How much you made when u was right.
I say it

How much STT i paid and in profit and how much stt you paid ^^
Whole STT tax is Devil tax that looser pays and winner pays too
Hence i say Trade in such a way in a year u be in profit and with paying least amount of STT .
so how to achieve that think over it and 4 hrs candle (It has power of 60 Times of Earth rotation Degree) seems answer to me.you have better answer sure teach me ^^


what to sell what to buy ? what are you really doing ?


It;s found whatever you trade trade the top most of it i mean
IF you want to trade Banks :-- trade the top most share of it i.e current king HDFC bank and icici bank
If you want to trade IT :- current king are TCS and Infosys
If you want to trade cigrattes :- ITC ,godfrey
If u want to trade tyres :- current king MRF and goodyear
Whatever your fav sector pick the stock king of it. and this king changes every year so keep eyes open
and choose your stock pick carefully.

trading in stock kings is profitable as there is liquidity

Taken from ....... tunnel thought Air book from GANN . And Gann was not day trader.

Modern day Devil says

IF i need to pick king then why not pick Index. Index has no balance sheet problem

NIFTY 50 futures :-- what does it means when u buy it
It means you are buying combination of 50 best stocks in stock market

Cash settled :-- (Again Semi Devil ) Nifty futures are cash settled

It means whatever is nifty spot at end of expiry date nifty futures be same as spot.
and who controls nifty 50 spot .. the buying and selling of combo 50 best stocks controls. it means
Whoever has MONEY controls the market.

to take market down simply sell best 50 stocks in bulk all 6% 6% down circuit nifty will go down
and who holds such a power ? you know answer already i guess ^^

So By now you know what should be your idle what to buy ...

ppls with less money or new person answer should be 1 share of king of that sector to trade.
Old ass Ppls will say NIfty futures lol


Does trading King always results in profit ?
answer is

R junjunwalla says :-- I bought titan at R.s 3 -4
so am i profitable yes i am.
What rate you bought titan ? lmao 1300 ? 1500 ? so will you be profitable ? God only save you.

Confused by above ? scared to buy titan at 1500 ?

well Modern day devil has answer :-

Goal is to buy the king of stock at best lowest price . and what that be ? Go in Weekly charts and
see whats 100 days weekly price ? and whats 200 days weekly price thats the one you should enter the stock.
OR if you understand PE when markets PE and i mean when nifty PE is 15 it;s best time to buy and forget and keep it for 5 yrs 10 yrs.

Another approach is buy king of sector / index at GAnn square of nine and enter and exit based on it.
Gann never left behind how to use his technique .

=========Have bored you enought for today huh ? =====================
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Blonde buys Lupin at 2400 and wonders why i didn;t make money my stock has gone half ?

Bad company ? Nope One of fantastic stock.
then why ?

This is stock Market . Buying Best of best company doesn;t means you be in profit all time.
But buying at Right price surely will lead you somewhere.

What you want to be Trader ? swing trader ? investor ?

Tarder = ? high risk of getting broke ... less profit makes 1% 3% 4 % daily and in end losses 10% 20%

swing trader =? High risk --> makes 4% 10% 20 % profit and when wrong does dies at 10-20-50% loss

Investor =? Low risk If bought at right price .. enjoys the MEGA TREND sees 100% 1000% 10000% of profit
but it takes 10 years 20 years some time 40 years .
But there are investor and bad company that makes u 100% loss in 10 yrs time
Each stock has it;s life .. best example ACC @ 9000 R.s scam . satyam @ 3000 lol Yes bank @ 240 lol
Rcom haha

So choose what are you and what you want to be.

This are my life lessons if only i knew this could have saved me crores of R.s ^^ and decades of Time
I hope ppls new and reading all this will benefit .

This should complete your Basics ......

Modern day devils Gann Wheels . i still prefer paper style

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Square of 9 was invented by Gann .. He came to india studies astrology Shurdan chakra north indian style then went to egypt studied pyramid . and invented Gann square of 9

I say hell if he can do that
I am indian i will invent my own Devils NIfty and bank nifty wheel :xD there i have made it.

Devils BankNifty wheel https://ibb.co/Yt7q5NR
Devils NIFTY50 Wheel https://ibb.co/7Rz8Cmw

And whatever you choose to use you need to have Faith
you put faith and you are stick with your entry Stop loss .pain bearing margin paying capacity .
You be winner. It;s not wheel that will make you profit it;s your sitting position that will make u profit.

And offocurse square of 9 helps in getting you max top and min bottom it;s good use it ^^

And they say Best ppls in Life are Free
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Has your trading improved then before reading this thread ?
Have you use the technique ?
I really hope my time didn;t go waste and i hope i have made you better version of you .
even if i am able to change 1 person it;s success :xD

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