VMaster vibration Trades


week 2 :-- No trade done just holding shorts even when it was 31600 spot lol
weekly closing 30834 (yes on track soon 29701 )
ok they made point taking to next level 31600 sort off.... they proved they are Daddy.
I stayed hard. I have learned seeing the legendary Bapu of trading ^^ haha

Claps Bank at 30834...

feb 19 24 27 are important dates :xD roll

Level to watch
below 30889 [yes]


Untill you come back home 29701 ^^
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i covered shorts at 30358.6
i know it will go down
for now I will wait for buying fresh till expiry or 29701 whatever hits first ....

ppls that uses ami don;t make money .
The day i threw amibroker out of my system profits fountain started.
.Now i use devils wheel of 9 lol

i exited shorts idk why but just did it now Cash in hand for proper buying :xD

It;s best to escape in shorts and Cash is king always

Tomorrow it;s 19 th ^^ Claps ^^

In last 2 hours some fii / dii bought 500 crores worth bank nifty .. so know your enemy
they have approx 3000 to 6000 crores sitting idle. They are predator they have proved

Tomorrow level to watch is 30540 ..
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31600 seems perfect level to go short
question is will it break 31065 ? these fools buys/ sells in millions qty. one wrong move and u be trapped.

I have madeup my mind . i am sit idle untill unless moment it breaks 30713 or closer i will go short .
and this is valid for tomorrow only ...doesn;t comes no trade ..

on second thought
on 1 hour chart if nifty gives close bar below 12100 (closingon hourly of futures) i am go short on bank nifty whatever rate and stop of 300 pts
all right missile are ready lol

===with all said done when market opens I tend to forget my Kungfu lol===
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Went short bank nifty march month @ 31000.50

Ok this is need to go down down to 30850 if that happens then 100% this be profitable trade without pain
Green devil is standing at 30850 . i need him to be in my favor lol

27th is important date and it must go to 30300 by then or even 29600 i won;t be suprised .

If Green devil doesn;t come in my favor then i get RAP (D) zzzzz and i be slammed at
31200 31600 i be dead lol
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Not gone a log to trajerji for a while Level remains same .Devil remains same .
I m bored
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Covered all position @ 30530
no position now
this thread ends i will return to this form may be for now untill we meet again TC :)

Fii :- We have Money we rule Market We have Most powerful Algorithm to leech All indian
Vmaster369 : We have Gann Square of 9 Wheel .. A Derivation from Sudarshana Charka in astro Enough to beat you.

How much stt u paid ? how much stt i paid wrt to profit ^^ Lmao

Evil smile By 30th march 31600 ?

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couldn;t stop from comming here lol

bought again @ 30440 now this is be for 6-9 months

One full rotation as per devils bank nifty wheel is 32750
question is will it hit 32750 in next 9 months ?

now goes for long vacation tc haha ^^^^
Devils bank Nifty wheel https://ibb.co/Yt7q5NR

1 September 2020 Bank nifty 32750 ?
or even before Evil smile.

i am be super bored waiting More free time for me yay
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