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yes everyone know overtrading is not good ..... so defining a number will be useful ..... 25 trades may be overtrading for a scalper ... 2 trades may be more for an intraday trader ...... so its good to enter your rules in a book so you can refer it and follow like Gita.
In your some other post mentioning Look inside the bar amibroker backtesting is accurate only in 1minute timeframe and not in other timeframes.Are you sure if your backtesting results are correct as you are using Hourly timeframe ?
Hourly backtesting will ignore the trades which are entered and stoploss hit in the same bar.
This kind of trade is very rare.
Other than this it is mostly accurate.
So my backtesting result is slightly misleading.

if a strategy enter trades at trigger bar open, then the backtesting result is completely wrong.
Because it will ignore 50% trades which will hit stoploss after entering at trigger bar's open.
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Probably you can maintain a trading report like in ledger form .. made in excel .pic posted below:
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Or maybe continue your previous excel sheet and post the weekly trades/summary screenshot.. (an addition ) that sheet is good enough :)


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That big 200 days excel sheet will be updated every month end.

Currently I am maintaining one excel sheet for this ongoing 50 trades only.

Thank you for following this thread.

Great Bro, this seems very positive, the chart is maintained already.. !!
One suggestion is to add "date" column so that there is no confusion, more since there are multiple instruments and multiple trades per day. :)

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