Veera's Trading Diary

Hi Friends,

I had started my trading journey before 6 years on may 2012.
I had completed 200 real trading days in 6 years.
So far lost 2 lakhs in 6 years.

I had traded in Crudeoil, Silver, USDINR, NSE index futures & stock futures.
I had used 1,5,15,30 minute charts for trading.

Previous week traded in stock futures in 15 min timeframe and not able to succeed.
Now created one strategy which working well in hourly timeframe in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Futures.
From monday onwards i will trade that strategy and give updates here.

My full trading journey shown in this excel sheet.(Download link)

Happy trading...
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Dear veeramuthu,
In these 200trading days how many methods you tryed?average days of single method traded?how many tweeks done in method trading done as per Mm?after these 6 years you found a method which suits your personality?you found some edge in your method?....too many Qs :) sorry....these are important points for start a successfull in of luck in your new start


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Definitely helpful.

It shows 2 times i succeeded in trading.
it shows huge risks are the reason for my failures.
Dear veeramuthu,
Yes you got a decent profits then you lost it sure you have some emotion or mm problems or unable to follow your own rules....its not method which affecting you p/l

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