Value Investing Diwali 2017 stock picks

@amar_gr, I noticed on twitter that there is some interest in me helping people design an investment process. I won't teach my processes but I may be able to help people invent their own processes.

I want to start an AMC but helping people develop investment processes is in the works!


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I had first learned about value investing through Einstein's thread.

I am starting off my financial markets career and thought I'd spread the word about myself by sharing my stockpicks for Diwali 2017 in the following spreadsheet:

The spread sheet updates the performance live. The stocks are equally weighted with the stock with my highest conviction (actually best financial ratios) on top.

Maithan Alloys
Bhageria Industries
Chamanlal Setia Exports
HCL Tech
Vikas Ecotech
Vikas Ecotech is best avoided ,poor fundamentals in my opinion.


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@columbus, I don't understand how those numbers indicate poor fundamentals.

I'm still in the learning stages despite high portfolio performances so please enlighten me with more indepth details on why Vikas Infotech is a fundamentally weak company!

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