Value investing in manufacturers who produce high quality products

I have noticed that manufacturers who produce high quality products can have a price/earnings (P/E) ratio of over 90. Examples are Gillette and Page Industries (Page touched 100 PE earlier this year.)

I have chosen 16 P/E as my price of entry as it is the average of the DOW over the last 100 years and it is rare for a company to discount below P/E 16 (companies like KRBL and Finolex cables were around P/E 32 but are now being rerated to P/E 16).

I have invested in Venky's because their frozen foods have high ratings online and the P/E ratio is around 16.

I have four more companies on my list which have high quality products and are nearing a P/E of 16:
- Bajaj Auto
- Finolex Cables
- Hero Motocorp

Could someone tell me of other companies that have high quality products and a P/E of around 16?
Apart from Venkeys, I have purchased a few shares of Hero Motocorp.

I shall be investing in Eveready and Bajaj Auto after the New Year.

They have highly reviewed products and they have a P/E of around 16.

KRBL is also a possible entry but there is a chance that the company's share price may be re-rated to P/E 8 but I think that the brand recognition of their India Gate basmati rice may keep their P/E closer to 16.

Happy New Year!
I am not investing in Eveready because its profit growth is unstable.

Hero Motocorp and Bajaj Auto's current OPMs are too similar to their average OPM over the last 10 years.

Venkys and KRBL are my current candidates for further investment!

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