trailing stop loss.

  1. P

    Trailing square off in Sharekhan, Please help

    Sharekhan users please guide me. I have 100 shares 0f zyx comp. in my DP,bought @56.00 .Now CMP is 62.00 .I want want to sell it using Trailing Square off option. How it can be done , If I want to put SL - 61.00, Take profilt - 64, and trailing start at market order.I am unable to put this...
  2. shivanica

    How to Place a proper "Stop Loss" / Trailing Stops

    Hi, This formula gives you a sell signal when the closing price crosses this formula value from above, and buy signal when the price crosses the formula value from below. Apart from providing us the entry signal, this simple formula can be used as a guide for placing both primary stops and...