Trading with coin flips


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I will use this thread to trade coin flips. I, myself, do NOT trade in this manner. So, this is merely for "research". I could have backtested the strategy but this way seems more fun. So here it is.

I will buy/sell NF futures based on the coin flip at 9:20 and square off at 3:25. I will use 2 coin flips and make decisions based on the following outcome:

1.HH - Buy
2.HT - Buy
3.TH - Sell
4.TT - Flip again.

I have used 2 coins instead of 1 because I wanted more NF Buy calls than NF sell calls (since we are in a bull market). Thus, on an average, 67% of the time I'd be buying NF and selling NF 33% of the time. Only on RARE occasions will I exercise my judgement and not follow the coin toss.

And for today, it's HT - so Buy. The high of 9:20 bar for Sep-NF is 8113.5.

So the position for today is LONG @ 8113.5
:lol::lol: Funny idea to do this thread in the " Advanced trading strategies" section. :lol::lol:

Wish you good fun with that idea and a positive outcome. Only one thought: As you say "on RARE occasions I will exercise on my judgment and not follow the coin toss", this will give a wrong final result to the whole study, or don't you think so?

Take care :)


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:lol:its not trading bro its fun and worry both at a time:lol:isnt there a money management plan behind it,something like a stoploss to protect u in bad days since ur trades will be biased....

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