New method to make 0.1 bitcoin on trading per hour

At first I thought this website is a scam but i want to try and i bought 0.6 ether for 0.0006 btc and i received it after 15 min on my wallet and I was very happy because the site offers you a big profit margin
3.51 Ethereum is sold for $ 399.48 or 0.05, which means that the price tag of any platform, such as yobit or binance, will be 3.51 Ethereum for $ 585.71 or 0.073 Bitcoin so you will earn $ 186 in less than half an hour
I advise you to buy ethereum and lisk only because there are large profit margins
I advise everyone not to buy more than 0.009 BTC will be better to buy just for 0.0006 btc
Video link explaining the site :

A word of thanks is enough
Investing in Bitcoin, in my opinion, is by far the safest option. This is, in my opinion, the best choice, particularly for those with brief understanding, but it is very costly these days. I've been trading for a few years now, primarily with cryptocurrency, but I've also dabbled in doge coin. If you want to try investing, particularly in blockchain, you should first learn how trading works, in my opinion. I've spoken to a few experienced investors who have offered some suggestions, but the only thing I can suggest is diligence and practice. Stock trading and crypto are essentially the same thing, so if you're a beginner like me, you should read this article that explaining bitcoin and walks you through the basics of cryptocurrency.

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