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Hey Guys,

I have been Out of the form for a while now Due to some personal reasons. But Over this period i have been quietly watching the markets and i think it is time to start analyzing charts and share the knowledge with all the friends. I am sure it will help me a lot too.... So, I will be back in Business and be a regular member of the forum again....:thumb:

Over the last year i have learnt a few things from the seniors of this forum and I am heartily willing to help all the newbies... From here on i will give my opinion about the futures and will back my opinion with the charts.

All the opinions and comments are more than welcome...

It is nice to be back... Its time to Rock 'n' Roll...:clap::clap:


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Hey Guys,

I have been following the result/ earnings of the US markets but that is not pushing the markets up.... I think there is a lot of distribution going on in the markets .... We might be in for a correction now.....

The Dow is currently at 11800 levels now and it can fall upto the 10970 levels which presents a very good support level....


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The Indian Markets are also looking weak despite the recovery yesterday on the second half....:annoyed:

So far 5650 is holding on well but i am not sure if this is the bottom.... I am more likely looking at the 5500-5400 region... but the 200 DMA is at the 5600 and that might help the markets falling.... the break of which will definitely take the market to 5500 or lower....

Coming to the technicals the nifty is forming a descending triangle which is a bearish pattern ... Here is the chart:

View attachment 15825

The base of the triangle is at 5698 and a close below that levels for 2-3 days might take the markets lower.... On the upper side the NIfty has to break the 5750....
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Short DOW and Germany....

Check the charts below

Uploaded with

Reasons to Short Dow.....

The market is over bought and due for a correction

Egypt issues

and coming to the technicals ... the Dow had been facing good resistance at the 12000 levels ans it could not take out that levels for a couple of times.. Also the earning from few Dow Bellwethers disappointed... The Egypt gave a trigger for correction.... There was immense selling on friday on good volumes... One can go short on Dow with a target of 10970.....


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Market reading for the march 9th 2011... Here are my views...

Although we have seen good up move for the last two days on Nifty, The volume has been pretty say the least.....Look at the volume on the charts.. showing no interest from the big players.... I am a seller of nifty into this market with a Stop loss of 5525... We have have a gap up on Nifty as the Dow jones closed up by one percent....


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Sell Cairn India....

My views: I am not sure y Cairn has been on fire for the 10 sessions or so.... But it has shown some weakness yesterday..... It is down on high volume indicating weakness....

Also on a longer term chart there is some resistance at the 360 levels.. One can short cairn with a Stoploss of 360....


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Dear chait,
thanks for reactive of this thread...