trading in INDIA on LINUX

i am new to qtstalker, there seemed to be a lot of difference as far as visuals are concerned in between .32 and .36, i am not sure about the difference betweek .36 and .37

Ta-Lib comes along with Qtstalker in Olderversions

I guess from .36 onwards you need to install Ta-Lib separately


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Dear Godrama, thanks for the efforts you have put in. I have just started with qtstalker. It is 0.32 version. I just want to know is there great difference between versions 0.32 and 0.36? Also how can I install TA-LIB.
Just download from sourceforge qtstalker site - latest stable version is .36 so far and read me install file. You will come to know. But for this you need to have some flavour of linux installed.