trading in INDIA on LINUX

I finally removed windows from my laptop and got on to Linux. Open sources makes me feel more comfortable because it's free of cost and I get to know the security of the software I use.

I just setup my laptop as a full fledged LINUX trading machine.

I have an asus eee pc 1000h on which I installed the operating system easy peasy.
I downloaded and installed the debian packages for qtstalker which is a technical analysis tool. qtstalker has a provision for downloading NSE BSE data through a plugin.
Finally the new bsnl 3g teracom lw272 that i purchased has a built in dialer/driver for linux that gets my laptop moving :)

There is a great scope with the QTSTALKER technical analysis software, it is the main reason due to which I came back to Linux. I just started going through it's various options, features, abilities etc. I will update this thread in future with more details.
There is a plugin (qtstalker-quote-plugins) for qtstalker software, once you install it you will be able to download the BSE / NSE historical data that is available at yahoo

there is a minute difference between the original NSE symbol and it's respective symbol in yahoo financial website, yahoo maintains a maximum of 9 characters and a .NS appended at the end of each symbol

I finally wrote a shell script and got the NSE symbol list that yahoo expect to be supplied.

I attached the symbol list here under for anybody who wants to use it.
you don't have to do anything more, just copy paste it in quotetracker, it will work just fine.

You may read the software documentation or download the software from:

Finally I managed to get things moving.

I guess trading on NSE started from year 1994, I really wonder if Yahoo maintains all the historical data.

It would be a better option if we could connect directly to NSE bypassing yahoo as it saves some time, I guess there is a time delay at yahoo in providing the quotes.

In future if I get time may be I will try reading the source code of the qtstalker-quote-plugin and see if I could write a plugin that could directly connect to NSE for getting it's data.

Any help from anybody in this direction would be appreciated.
I don't do intraday, so I am not looking at live data at the moment.

I wrote few scripts last saturday for getting and making the bhavcopy available for qtstalker.

I am still trying to change it so that it's user friendly, I will upload it once I am done.

Today I received an email from canmoney with whom I have a demat account, I am really upset with them saying that their trading platform supports only Internet Explorer with Windows and a big No No to Linux.

I am planning to create new partition to install windows xp atleast to execute my trades. But for Technical Analysis and for all other purposes I would be using Linux.
There are quite a few options to run windows applications especially Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux using Wine with playonlinux or IE4Linux. I tested both of them but speed / performance is a constraint, it's obvious as I am trying to make something designed for windows to work on linux :)

It's nice to hear that your Linux experience dates back that long.
I started using linux in late 90s when the internet has just begun in india.

It's not the fault with Linux in supporting the trading portals of SBI and Canmoney, I guess It's the fault with the mentioned brokerage firms who extensively utilize Microsoft products in developing their webpages etc. and very lazy to support other platforms.
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I finally managed to take some time in writing the scripts for downloading the nse historical and daily bhavcopies and to make the data compatible with qtstalker. Please download the tarball from the files section on my homepage

I have already tested the scripts a couple of times on my easy peasy linux distro, it works perfectly well.

Please feel free to make any changes to the scripts as per your requirement.

If you make any changes you are welcome to upload them on my site or send them to my email address so that we could add the new changes in the forthcoming releases.

ramakrishna surathu
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