Trading and Training


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More people are coming to the market to make money, invest, etc., and more trainers are opening tapori stalls to sell snake oil courses. Let's wait and see what happens.

Even if sebi regulates and comes with registered trainers, they are not going to help make money the way people expect from them.
They are not going to teach anything new than those whom you called tapori stalls :D
Thay teach the same fundamentals or technical analysis etc stuff mostly but with an honest approach.

And what makes the difference between regulated trainers and tapori stalls - is " ETHICS, Standards and morals "
Regulated trainers may work on principles and stay away from making fake promises, make people understand reality i/o driving them to crazy profit dreams.

But irrespective of all this, if people do not apply common sense no regulator or regulations are going to help.


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Yes, I agree financial knowledge is necessary if one wishes to avoid scammers of any kind. There are so many courses, workshops out there that could be done for free. Starting slow and small is the right way to attain success in this market.
Yes financial knowledge is very much necessary to avoid scammers and I would like to add that common sense is also very important to avoid scammers.