Professional training of trading experience sharing

Professional training of trading experience sharing
Those who has attended professional training of well known trading gurus kindly share your experience here so that those who can't afford their exorbitant fees could also learn professional training. Please be open and share with open heart so that all aspects are clear. Thanking you in advance


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most of the professional training are simply useless if you look in terms on earning money. Yes you may get some theory which can help you but nothing more. Almost all professional trainers are failed traders. That is why thy teach and earn instead of trade and earn.


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There are very useful threads in Traderji and elsewhere which is sufficient to get us started. System best suited to us will be the reward for learning through one's own efforts. One must not despair spending even 10 years to find the 'best' system. Hard work pays though many will say otherwise.
I have to agree with mohan.sic in here. Most of the trading courses are really useless. They are good only from the theoretical side, however they would never teach you how you should actually gain money, that is a certain thing. In case you really want to learn, and become a good trader, you have to do all by yourself. Actually, the only course that I think is really useful, are the ones given by the humble trader. You can read this review and decide for yourself, if it is worth it.
I agree with you, traders are themselves creators of their trading journey, the more effort and time they will give it, the more trading will be in their favour.


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There are some good techniques. I found out it works with draw downs and all. No assured weekly daily monthly profitable strategy I know.
Part 1

Im sharing my journey here ..

I have a rural class background..where there is no financial literacy . I live in a village where ppl with some money boasts of to a grt extent.

2 3 guys 10 yrs ago entered in d market and they incurred total wipe out.

I was in graduation during which I came to know about stock market ..just intro .

Then I got admitted in MBA Finance from Banaras Hindu University.
There I got a lot to hear about the stock market .before that I didn't even know anything about demat etc.

There was a guy named "Rahul" ppl know him as stocksman. I was fascinated by hearing that the guy made 1.3crores in stocks from 2 lacs in 8 yrs.

I checked out his life and that too fascinated that time iwas struggling to make 2 k 3 k .

I got scholarships and opened demat ..
On my first 50k i saw 3k loss in jss 2 days ..
I panicked so much.

Rahul told me he will give me max to max 10% returns.

But I was hoping much more.

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Then I got that was delivery trading ..and I was hoping much more...

So I heard intraday .

I started intra with 3k only ..and wiped out.
Agian and again this kept happening .for 8months.

Then I started studying ..halted and restarted.
And kept learning..

I use ema lines to trade breakouts .with increase in volume confirmation ..

Ema lines are close type of 55,21,13,8

And awesome oscillator.

Today in delivery I m making 20% and intras I have made max of 80% in one day.

This is surprising but true.

I saw intraday is not good coz of drawdowns ..

And shifted to delivery trades..

Recently I have traded on ..

Balmer lawrie 20%
Balchinni mills 60%intra
Llts 3% currently
Dynpro 3% currently..

(10 days trades ))

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The books I was inspired with

1. reminiscences of stock operator.
2 . mark minervini
3 . life of dan zangler the man who traded on just chart patterns and made 29000% in 2 yrs.(world record)

Note: gauge out consolidation buy after break and keep booking small profits.

Rule of 72 ...go and read it ..u will be surprised by magic of compounding .
I learnt many things hard way.

If u dont believe u can watch out my latest trades and profits booked.

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