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hai stnmper
do u hav e-book version of th e books.
u can get joe ross books fm

i am looking for other two i

Hi ,

My personal opinion is that each person has to first identify where he stands viz a viz his trading strategy.

But i will recommend this books(in order of importance) to the new and somewhat impatient indian trader (sorry for the delibrate pun) to have this books for start with (yes it will do you no harm even if you are new to trading )

1. Mastering the trade... by John Carter
2. Trading by the Joe Ross
3. Trading Day by Day ... by Chick Goslin

Friends, i would suggest you to check "Customer review" of each book at amazon before buying and studying the book. Check out what the people who bought the book had to say about the book. This will tell you a whole lot about the concerned book....namely its usefullness, success ratio, etc.

Check out the above books for urself.... i belive they are Great.
The three books i have recommended


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i am new to traderji...

the discussion boards are really interesting and productive...

but i don't understand one things why don't ther allow exchange of e-bboks and literature on traderji. atleast freewares and free e-books can be shared.

i hope they won't mind if we exhange literature directly by e-mails.

guys i need basic e-book on investment and tax saving.

suggest me soem url where its available for free download

Hi Nishu ,

I belive you meant "Stock Investment", as the word "Investment" is more generic.

I think you would be better served if you sould treat both the subject (Stock Investment and Taxation) seprately.

You could find lot many ebooks on the web site


Hi Guys....

Does anyone has "The Alchemy of Finance" by Soros.

I so far have NOT managed to get "Against the Gods, the Remarkable story of Risk" by Peter Bernstean, so if anyone has these books, then he may help me.

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