Hi The super traderji's

Dear All,

Myself Kesava Sunil, i started with market in 2006 and was blown away during the 2009 and lost a few lacs. So it took me this much time to gain some money for myself to safely trade on and so im back in markets. and im working in a software company. so i trade with my savings only.

I used to trade by looking at websites available online like moneycontrol etc.. and beliving the brokers calls which dumped me.

So guys do your research and get help from the trusted members of forum before u start the journey with ur money.

Hope every1 enjoy the trade and have mutual benefits in this journey for me..

And im a member of this forum from a very very long time some time around 2009 i suppose...

And i would be grateful to members..if they can suggest me the best broking platform and the best advising firms coz this time around i want to make money and grow in life...

awaiting for ur valuable guidance seniors..

happy trading...

Kesava Sunil

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