The Rise of Crypto Trading Scams


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Lately, there's a massive increase in the number of online trading scams focused on the Cryptocurrencies world. Bitcoin was just the start. Today we have dozens of highly-popular cryptocurrencies, and it seems like this is the new trend of many online scammers.

Recently, a friend of mine money got scammed by a crypto trading broker called 'Investous.' While reading about them on a few review sites, such as this, for example, (their score on is also horrible), I found out that they're actually regulated by CySEC. However, they claim they're regulated by the IFSC in Belize, which is weird. There are also tons of complaints about them by traders who couldn't withdraw their money (my friend had the same issue). Their leverage ratio is exceptionally high (1:500), which also sounds suspicious.

Anybody else got scammed by this company? If so, were you able to get your money back?

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