The crash and the sunrise


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White walkers have sold 65000 crores till date 23/03/2020 .
lakhs of ppls must have lost money in F&0

margin must have hit of lot of ppls and those who bought in 10% fall saw another 25% fall so they too got killed if it was F&0

Only ppls that have survives is Equity buyer but there too rate is 20 to 39% down no matter how best company like even HDFC bank u hold
but you are alive as you have share Eq Equity

My purpose of creating thread is Now we seen such a sell off and you still holding to Equity and are alive in market like me

This is not time do not get out at R.s 4 oR R.100 or 4% etc

those rat have sold 65000 crores .. let they enjoy ... when all this is over it will take idk 1 year ? 3 years
those white walker will come back

and when you see in whenever they infuse 65000 crores back thats time we will sell
Untill then Stay Hard .
I feel so sad of ppls that must have bought bank nifty at 32600 and now dead at 16900
I will avenge there loss.

I have lot of good shared in Dp right now
Buy Equity of good share and sell only when white walker come back fully here.

I have decided whenever figure of white walker is back invested 65000 only then i will sell it all.They will come back i am sure.
and i hope you have undertood what i mean to say ..

i am go on long vacation now lol my be wtch movies tv series etc 3 yrs be long time so Good bye to my fans ^^ i be back in 3 yrs cheers

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Importance of number 3
Majority of moves will generally occur in time period of three – days, weeks or months. Never trade in the direction of the trend on its third day.
Tops, bottoms and consolidations
* Tops usually take time to form. Spike tops are less common compared to spike bottoms. Tops are marked by extreme movements in medium and small stocks. They will rise by even 20% in a day. These are called blow offs. Because of this short-selling on extreme top is risky. (Yes bank perfect example)

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