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  1. Maheswarra

    My journey of trading -- Traders should know that investing/trading is filled with ocean full of opportunites

    sorry lost access to old id(maheswara.rd) .. please note this is my new id... lost my access as i was using my singapore sim, and back to india for ever. so... i lost my email id recovery as i forgot my password... its been 10yrs of my journey in market of which let me divide into trading and...
  2. C

    Share your Tax issues.

    Hi All, I am opening this new thread for any tax related questions that you have - from derivative trading to crypto taxation. Happy to help you to the extent possible. Regards CA Nikhil
  3. T

    Which is the Safest Trading Website in India?

    i was going through different trading website but didnt understand which is safe and which is not
  4. T

    The Rise of Crypto Trading Scams

    Lately, there's a massive increase in the number of online trading scams focused on the Cryptocurrencies world. Bitcoin was just the start. Today we have dozens of highly-popular cryptocurrencies, and it seems like this is the new trend of many online scammers. Recently, a friend of mine money...
  5. Mr crypto

    New method to make 0.1 bitcoin on trading per hour

    Hello At first I thought this website is a scam but i want to try and i bought 0.6 ether for 0.0006 btc and i received it after 15 min on my wallet and I was very happy because the site offers you a big profit margin Example 3.51 Ethereum is sold for $ 399.48 or 0.05, which means that the...
  6. J

    Hello Everyone

    Hi All, Myself Jacob! I am a new member here, A crypto-currency trader. Hope to understand learn more from this community.
  7. Devi Prasad


    While cryptocurrency market has reached $140bn market cap, we indians have only participated in BITCOIN investing at a very low percentage. This thread am creating to share my knowledge on cryptocurrency so far have acquired by investing in BITCOIN & Alt coins. Am active investor/trader in...