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Whom should I go to for learning technical analysis in Banglore

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Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to Banglore. Have been thinking of doing a technical analysis course from a long time.

Please help me in choosing the right option -
1) go for institutional - likes of NIIT
2) Unorganised indpendent analysts - many individuals teach - they do not have any academy or such stuff.

I have shortlisted the following names in the above 2 categories -

1)Institutional - Manipal Global, BIC, Viratech, kredent etc

2) Individuals - Srinivasan, Shrikanth, Bharat, Prashant etc

Not sure which one to take. Problem with institutial is that there knowledge is too bookish. no practical guide.
With individuals, you dont feel like trusting your money and are not sure whether they themselves know anything.

Online feedback and review about Viratech and one Bharat were good though. But would like to know about others before taking a final call.

Thanks in advance,
Sweet Ritika
i was actually hoping to find replies . . but what i get is questions.

i myself am trying to find out, whom should i do the course with.

but since it is a poll and based on whatever i have read and feedback from my frds, i am giving my rating in the poll.

request other boarders to do the same and help others.



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bharat dugar .. i think

the course to me makes sense, simply because it is from a person who makes a living out of trading in the market himself . . he is a fund manager in one real estate co.

moreover he is a cmt - a good thing to have , after all you would not want your accountant to not be a ca.

nt only this, he comes as a very friendly fellow willing to share his practical experiences along with all theoritical concepts.

the downside - u do not get any certificate. he teaches in his home only on weekends. hence professional enviornmental is missing.

now its upto individuals to decide.



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Have been thinking of doing a technical analysis course from a long time.
Hello Sweet Ritika, I don't know how much cost you can afford, so I am suggesting you two options which I know:

[1] FREE: 2 Hours Technical Analysis Tutorial Video:

Other List of videos:

[2] Check the next post by sanjosedesi for trading academy course videos.
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