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    Can learning technical analysis help you earn money?

    If you learn technical analysis in stock market, can that help you earn money? I know there is nothing sure shot in stock market but what can one do to increase chances of earning well in stock market?
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    Simple explanation of technical analysis

    I used to find the explanation of technical analysis in books difficult to grasp as there were many usages of jargons and formulas. Like the explanation of Indicators was riddled with formulas and technical terms. analyzedstock[.]com explains everything in a very simple manner with easy...
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    Trading Methodology, reasons and insights into why TA fails.

    Hello, Was having a discussion in another thread, just posting a new one to keep it more open to newbies and comments/opinions/advice from older/experienced members. Realistic Goal Just something very basic, but at the start of learning TA, this is an essential piece which I see most...
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    Hi Smart Traders! Come down to share our ideas.

    Dear fiends, ed to stay active on this forum as you guys are really smarter and we can add little knowledge from everybody. I was ardent fan of fundamental analysis and things like support.resistance, pivot and candlestick was quite disdaining word for me. I passed my CFA-Level- 2 FROM usa and...
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    Technical Analysis Learning

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to Banglore. Have been thinking of doing a technical analysis course from a long time. Please help me in choosing the right option - 1) go for institutional - likes of NIIT 2) Unorganised indpendent analysts - many individuals teach - they do not have...