Swing Swing :) Ahoy!

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swing :) Swing
Nj Is My Name
Here I Come To Play The Game
All Those Who Wanna Ride
May Come And Sit By My Side
I Will Recommend You To Enter
I Will Recommend You To Exit
The Quicker The Action
Better It'll Be
It May Be Profit
It May Be Loss
The Risk Is All Yours :D

Ahoy! :)
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ratan jain

NJ Sir,

I am a new trader...
Its so good of you tp provide these tips here

These quantities you have mentioned, can I take these on a capital of Eighty thousand ?
My broker gives me 15 times margin.
Is it ok?

ratan jain


Good to see you back. are you out of prison ? doing good ?
They wouldnt have me anymore there, I was influencing inmates to start day trading, so they kicked me out... :)

And no have just a small capital, so looking to follow NJ sir's tips to make up my capital again.
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