Request sample login code for TradeSmart SwingAPI


I am trying to develop trading application in PYTHON to work with TradeSmart. I created the APP on their Swing site, and received the APP details (key and secretkey).
I have gone through their API documentation but its not very clear.

Can someone please provide the sample login application code.

For Fyers broker, actually I created the python trading application successfully. But not for tradesmart.

Thanks in advance.

I am with LKP sec for the past few years as they gave me rock bottom brokerage price. They use Ribbon Diet Odin for charting.

I had taken a break from trading for a year or so due to my work schedule. I also moved to using Linux Mint instead of Windows as my preferred OS. so not able to use Odin anymore as the integration to Linux has not been seamless.

I am curious to understand if there is any other Linux charting software that I can use and configure it to work with my broker? Like use a program in C or Python that can connect my software to the broker's servers.