Stocks Performance Monitor - A Portfolio Managment tool

Greetings All....

Watch this Thread for the first time ever NiFTY Future realtime quote in AMIBROKER using excel tool... Frequency of update as low as 5 Sec... Get the best 5 Bid/offer details realtime.....

Excel tool will be available tomorrow (10th Aug)...

Keep posting ur feedbacks on my earlier SPM tool...

Gaurav Varshney
Hello Friends and fellow Boarders,

I have been working on developing a software to monitor the performance of your stocks in current market and to and maintaining your portfolio.

This tool address the need to record transaction of stock market and to serve many other essential requirements like creating and maintaining watch list and getting charts with a single click of mouse.

I named my software Stocks Performance Monitor.

Following are few unique features of this software:

1. An offline Portfolio Management tool (Excel based).

2. Record your buy and sell transaction and maintain your Portfolio.

3. Update real-time quotes from Yahoo finance and display Profit/Loss real-time.

4. Calculate and display total change in your portfolio (in Rs.) since start of trading session.

5. All Profit/Loss are calculated considering Brokerage and taxes (even sell time brokerage i.e. this is the net amount youll gain or lose if you sell it at current rate).

6. Customizable brokerage % to suit any Brokerage house.

7. Auto update quote at any specified interval (e.g. 15 sec, 30 sec).

8. Get intraday charts as well as daily chart for any desired period (1 day to 5 years).

9. Import/Export Transactions (you can import your earlier transaction in given format).

10. Symbol lookup feature to find NSE/BSE symbol.

11. Create and maintain watch list (updates every 15 sec by default).

12. Issues Alerts when any of watch list stock achieve desired Buy/Sell price.

Along with many other useful features which I am sure you all like it.
You can download Trial copy from my webpage

Keep watching this webpage for updates.

Please oblige me with your Expert Comments and feedback.

Gaurav Varshney
[email protected]
HI... Thks for this software... a very nice portfolio management software... i try to open and whereever i click i got this error.. " 'name' cannot be found.. " how to slove this problem.... pls help...
Dear Friend Gaurav,

I am a Mutual Fund Advisor and am looking for the excel tool for portfolio performance and monitoring for my clients investments. Can you please make a excel based software or modues for me? Just like you have done it for stocks. I will pay you for the same. Please revert back for any questions. Thanxs, Bhavesh Patel
I Download and installed u software it is realy good work specialy watch list

i have two issues with this

first sort buuton in watch list is not working please check it

second how i can feed this watchlist data to amiborker

please give detailed explanation
Can please help me with a correct link. The ver 2.2 I downloaded today says trial version expired please enter licence key.

Pl help