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Hi dont be handicap, you can find numerous strategys for free with expert counseling and advise, pick up the one that suits you, study it and initially paper trade, you can have a look at 315 by SH, Volume spread analysis by Karthik, rare but highly valuable posts by ST, and Health Raj, not to forget Geometrical angels by Prashant Trader and numerous others which I am not aware of. Study them for six months prepare your rules and trade, never in life you will be asking for TIPS.

TIPS are for waiters not for Traders, it is upto you to decide what you want to be a Trader or Waiter.

May you please elaborate the strategies mentioned in this post and let me know from where I can get material to study it.


has anyone here used the services of SP tulsian.com ? I was curious to know how are their services?
are you an agent for sp tulsian ... i read somewhere in google ... i do not recall where ot which website or forum.. but he ( tulsian ) slapped a guy when the guy approach sp tulsian and said sir thank you very much ... i am doing very good trade now a days because of you ...he was very happy and said ... thank you thank you...

the guys stop him and said ...no no you did not get me sir..what ever you tell in the Tv i just do opposite.... when you say buy I sell; and sell and I buy and I am very consistently making money...

P.S: get inspire from that guy you will also make money... that would be great system and strategy!
has anyone here used the services of SP tulsian.com ? I was curious to know how are their services?
I have used sptulsian service. And it's very trusted and given me good returns. I wanted to renew membership but i found it costly. If someone wants to opt for service then we can share costing. Let me know if interested.

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