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TulsianSir,GMR Q3 results are out and it has done exceptionally well, i salute your analysis,RECO of GMR, u helped investors invest in a good stock.it has bounced back very well even after the carnage and i thanku on behalf of GMRians infact they survived losing there money and are on right track

Ans : Keep view of 24 months to reap excellent returns from the stock.

Sir Based on your and Udayan studies I am quite heavily into EMPEE DIST. On Dec 11 you recommended it with a target price of 600 in 9-12 months, then changed it to 400 on 31 Dec and now changed to 300 last week. Do you think it will reach soon atleast its IPO price of 400.

Ans : Price targets having changed were for short term and share has potential to cross its IPO price of Rs.400 and has potential to rise to Rs.600, maybe in 18 months, if not 12 months.

Sir, i have invested in power grid at 150.I can hold for 1 year.Do you see any point in clinging to it or better suffer loss and exit and get into some other scrip.Please guide.

Ans : Remain invested, as the stock is very good, which can give 30% plus annualised return over the next 3 - 4 years from the current levels.

I have entered Mindtree Consulting at 790 levels. Advise the course of action. Exiting Mindtree now will give me spare money to invest in other stocks which are very attractive due to recent fall.

Ans : Move to frontliners like RIL, Powergrid, GMR Infra, Adlabs Films etc.

Dear Tulsianji, your advice is very good and proitable, I Holding gateway distriparks 200 @150 & united spirits 8 @1200 what can i do. please advice me

Ans : Hold both.

Sir I have 25 texmaco shares at 1788.I can hold for 1-1.5 year.What are prospects of this company??

Ans : Yes, good company. The company may show an EPS of Rs.40 and above for FY 08 which would rise to Rs.60 and above for FY 09, in view of good order book of the company.

SIR, I have HIMATCHALFUTER at pr. 60/= qty 400what should i do.

Ans : The company has got a telecom licence for which market grapevine is that the promoters have tied-up with a leading investor. If that happens, share price can cross your cost, but that may happen in the next 12 months. So if you have horizon of atleast 12 months, remain invested.

DEAR SIR, I am holding monnet ispat 300 @ 700. what should i do. please reply

Ans : Exit.

sir, i have 500 burnpur ce at pr. 43, whar should i do,tel me exete price above to above.

Ans : Exit.

As per your recommendation , I have bought NELCO,HINDUSTAN MOTORS,EMPEE DISTILLER,NOIDA TOLL.Now in my portpolio ,all shows around 35% loss. How many months should i hold to book profit?

Ans : Keep about 12 months view and you would earn profit on all your stocks, though purchase price has not been stated by you.

Sir, I'am holding 2000 shares @ Rs.7 of Facor Alloys , kindly advise on Co. and investment decision. Should i hold or sell

Ans : Please Hold.

Sir, Shall I purchase lloyd steel and ispat ind. at this time.

Ans : Not advised.

Namaskar sirji --- shld i invest in bongaigon , ttml,hfcl,ispat,wwil,hoec

Ans : All the stocks stated by you are of momentum nature and of mid-cap category in which one should refrain from making fresh commitment.

what is buyback. pls detels.
Ans : Buyback is made either by the company if they have surplus cash. This is made either through market or form all the shareholders, though former method is more prevalent. Also, buy-back is made by the promoters for delisting as happened in Essar Steel. Also, when any new person acquires 15% or more in a company, open offer gets triggered under which new person has to buy 20% of the expanded equity from the public at the same rate at which he has bought his original stake. All these, termed as buy-back of shares.

I have Berger Paint 100@65, BluestarInfo 100@110, Zenith comp 100@55. Can i expect to recover my price within next 3 months?

Ans : Not likely in all three.


Ans : Purely a momentum play. Exit.

Sir, I had posted a querry regarding PGCIL bought at 150/- 3months ago.what is your opinion of selling some and shifting to Hotel Leela and IDBI at the current market price?

Ans : Advised to remain invested in Powergrid and switch is not advised to the stocks suggested.

i have purchased 3000 DECCAN GOLD @ 102/-. please advise me about wat to do?

Ans : Driven by pure momentum and advise, exit at Rs.75 levels or wait for the next round of rally and momentum which is uncertain in the near future for such stocks.

Hello sir , What's the resistance leavel for for Adlabs film.

Ans : Share is volatile and hence no point in looking at resistance level or support level which could be taken as Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 respectively. If you take an investment call on the stock, good to buy at Rs.1,100 levels which could give over 50% returns for the next 2 - 3 years in terms of share price.

Tusianji, I have to invest 50000 for atlest three years which stock I should buy in current mkt situations? . Thanks in advance.

Ans : Go for RIL, L&T, GMR Infra and J P Associates.

as per your recommendation purhase 200 srf @ 192, exit or hold, result is very bad,your view on result

Ans : Please Hold.

can we purchase Technical Mahendra at the present price 780.

Ans : Share is now ruling at Rs.725 and buying is advised.

I have UCO bank at 80. Shall i hold or exit.

Ans : Please Hold.

Sir I have 45 shares of Precision Pipes @150.Alloted by the company.The stock is quite down. Wheather I hould hold or book the loss. Pl advice?

Ans : Please Hold.

Sir,can buying me made in Havells india,Alembic,USHA MARTIN at current levels and what levels can be seen in 3 to 6 months time?thank u.

Ans : Buying is advised in Alembic and Usha Martin at the current levels.

Sir, I have BSELINFRA 150 @ 115/-, please advise me whether to hold or book loss, If to hold, How long should i hold?

Ans : Exit.

Sir, I have GTLInfra 300@79,Noida Toll 400@74,Dena Bank 450@82,Kernex Micro 300@283. Kindly suggest what shd i do?

Ans : Exit from GTL Infra, while remain invested in others.

Sir, I have Shardul Secutities 400 shares @ issue price, could you please tell me the prospects of the company? whether to hold or exit

Ans : An expensive stock and hence advised exit, when share price shows a 20% upward move.

Sir from the day I brought Crest animation,200@140/- and Noida Toll 500@77/-, both the stocks are going downwards. Kindly advice on these scripts....What will be the target for the next 3 months?

Ans : Holding of 12 months should be able to give you good returns over your cost. Remain invested.

sir, i am a small investor but a longterm one i sure am making great losses in scrips like noida, gmr, indian hotel etc , sir, what would you suggest me to do book losses or stay on invested? please do reply

Ans : Long term view on market makes a small investor big. This comes true if someone is invested in fundamentally good stocks which have growth prospects. All your stocks are good stocks and hence advised to remain invested without any worry.

Sirji....I brought AEGIS 250 shares @303/- on your recommendation. Till now I was getting good amount of returns on your views. But from past one month all your recommendations are going negative. Can you explain this please? What will be the target for AEGIS in next 2 months?

Ans : The whole market is into a tailspin with all stocks having fallen by 20% to 50%. Some thing happened with our recommendations as well. This is a good company which was recommended by us in Stock Recommendation column based on fundamentals, where an investor needs to have 12 months view. Remain invested.

sir, I have Empee dist 100 @ 330, Himatsinga Segi 1000 @ 105, Jayaswal neco 1500 @ 40, Supreme Infra 500 @ 160, Llyod steel 1000 @ 22. Please adive me the future of this scripts I am a short term invester Can i hold or sell. Thanks..

Ans : Short term investor may not be able to see an immediate rise in these scrips as they are largely falling in mid-cap category. You need to take atleast 6 month call which would give you good returns from the current levels at which they are ruling.

Can market reach 22000 Once again?

Ans : Possible latest by June 2008.

sir, I am holding larsen 5@4310, 9 reliance @2863, 15 sbi @2362, 10 dlf @921, 10 sci @306. Now what to do sell/buy/hold?

Ans : All the stocks held by you are real blue chip which one investor needs to have in his portfolio. No need to worry and remain invested.

Sir, I have three stocks in my protfolio currently 1. RPL 10 shares - 171.75 2. Hotel Leela 25 shares - 74.6 3. Ashok Leyland 50 shares - 57.8 Please suggest what to do now? sell or hold?

Ans : Exit from RPL and Ashok Leyland, while remain invested in Hotel Leela.

Sir, I have Oswal Chem.It had touched 70 but now is at 38-39. Please suggest if I shud Hold or Sell.

Ans : Hold as nothing has changed for the stock except across the board carnage for mid cap stocks especially which are available in F&O segments.

Dear Sir, I have 700@91 ElectroCastSteel & SSI 200@240. I can wait for 6 months more. Please advice me

Ans : Fundamentally, both are good stocks and hence advised to remain invested.

Respected Tulasian Ji, Sir i m holding Rico Auto 500@ 55.85 and Finolex cable 300@ 132.50, Sir plz advise me what to do Hold or Sell. How long it will take to recover my money. Please Sir Help me.

Ans : Hold both.

sir,please guide me, I have 100 shares of kernex at 330 levels,I am at loss.What to do?Thanks.

Ans : Remain invested and look for the Railway Order which is likely before Railway Budget.

hello sir, i have invested some amount in Indiabulls financial services 100shares at 905 should i hold it for long term or wat is long term expectations

Ans : The company has undergone a restructuring exercise wherein stock broking has been hived off into a new company, which would list very soon. However, financial service business including retail credit is showing a good growth and promoters are quite aggressive. Hence, advised to remain invested with 6 months view.

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