Is S. P. Tulsian a salesman?


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If you watch CNBC during market hours, most of you will know him.

I have doubts over his profession. Is he an technical analyst, fundamental analyst, operational analyst or a ultra-professional salesman? You ask him about any damn company and he is ready with what projects the company has in pipeline, what its future plans are, what are the current difficulties faced by the company, etc. I am amazed at this man's indepth knowledge about any damn scrip.

For ex: When STERLITE group was bidding to acquire ASARCO, this guy was there on CNBC telling viewers "Imagine what a company will STERLITE be that can produce some million tonnes of copper, steel, aluminum, {etc etc.}"

In the next incidence, this was just before the release of bollywood movie "Blue" and the scrip in question was Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision. This guy was again persuading some buyers telling that Blue would b super hit movie and all and few intricate details about it.

One more analyst who does such stuff is Deven Choksey. There are few others too but these two are the most prominent ones.

They will claim "We are in touch withe the managements of respective companies" and hence they know so much information. But I guess that carries little merit.


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I am amazed at this man's indepth knowledge about any damn scrip.
The channels always warn them about the scrip they are going to ask him about. So these people get enough time to get prepared. "live" is not always live. Also these people may have some staff who will do the background for them.


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He advised "not to sell" RIIL at 3000, and advised to buy more, when the sensex was at 21k. It came down to just 200rs.
He is one among the useless of "cnbc".


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I don't use technical analysis now, through I used to use it when I was new to analysis. Over a period of few months, I did not find any remarkable success rate. At one point, I asked myself if TA was better than a coin toss. Both have a probability of 50%
I agree abt mr.S.P

He was saying GMR Infra will be a multi bagger like Jai Corp and kept advicing to accumulate it.

Later I read another article in his website after market collapse, where he had stated the price of RIL, Jaicorp etc were artificially raised.
He kept saying RIL is buy at any levels.

hmmm god save people like me who fall prey to these people.


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Guys I have only one comment to make ..

"When Warren Buffet, Jesse Livermore and Peter Lynch can be wrong (and horribly wrong) then so can Mr. Tulsian"

and regarding the vast knowledge of these advisors... they r informed well before their scheduled shows to cover things being discussed.

P.S. Am not criticizing their talent. Just commenting with respect to the thread posted.


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mkts all over the world will always have 2 opposite views of the same title which makes trading possible.
its upto us 2 take informed decisions on the comments made by these people.
its our money & their mouth.
if these so called analysts were taht xpert' they should b buying stocks rather than selling /giving advise !:annoyed:

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