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Our Strategy

The success of our automated trading programs fully relies on our systematic strategies which are evolved from proprietary algorithms applied across several time frames. The system strategies capitalize on both trend and range trading. These strategies are continuously monitored analyzed as well as regularly updated. As you can appreciate it, studying and refining these strategies and making them work together took years of analysis, testing and live market experience.

It is our aim therefore to provide the opportunity to investors to participate in these automated trading programs resting assured that these programs are applying successfully a sophisticated trading logic based on many parameters, time frames, strategies, leverage and risk management controls as opposed to traditional asset management programs that are fully dependent on the human factor.
Are you looking for clients here? If yes, what are your financial terms.... I mean fees, profit sharing .... active or passive management min deposit amount etc etc
The systematic and proprietary automated trading programs that we use relies on three key pillars all contributing to a regular and sustainable performance as briefly explained below:

The directional system based on the entry/exit multi timeframe set of trading systems. The overall design of this trading system addresses frequent market anomalies (i.e. an oversold condition in an uptrend) and the logic behind it integrates separate trend and range components.

The risk management system seeks to limit losses during unfavorable market moves. It is subdivided into three routines: systematic stop loss placement, number of traded markets, and an individual/global management of open positions. Careful structuring of these elements is the driving force behind the capital protection system.

Finally the money management system selects the most appropriate position size according to the past and current account balance, and in doing so, greatly improves the gains of a strategy without increasing its risk. Money management is still not so widespread in Europe in spite of its high value, but since our favorite automated trading program is spearheading its use in our programs is evident and necessary.

Overall, several strategies in total contribute in a non-linear fashion to the managed account performance. Additionally the systems are monitoring and using approximately several different liquid pairs so as to generate a very high number of transactions, allowing the different programs, based on different investment profiles to reach a little faster the desired level of statistical validity. In fact every single strategy component is integrated on the basis of its contribution to the overall risk reward profile.
Today, we are honored to be here to introduce our Beyond Trading System.

Beyond Trading system is based on Classic Harmonic Patterns including the Gartley Pattern, the Butterfly pattern, the Crab pattern, the Bat pattern and the Cypher pattern and some other new harmonic patterns. The system mainly trades on EURUSD now, which expects 15% return per month and controls the max drawdown under 30%.

You may check our excellent performance of Beyond on
Trading Description of Beyond Trading System:

System type: Manual
Strategy: Technical
Currency Pairs: EUR/USD mainly
Leverage: generally 2:1, with maximum leverage at 10:1
Sharp Ratio: 2.15
Risk per trade: < 3%
Target max draw down: < 30%
Target monthly ROI: 10% - 20%
Trade Timeframe: 1H
Trade frequency: approximately between 80-100 per month
System description: This system opens positions when we find harmonic patterns formed, and we may hold at most 5 trades.
Risk Control:
1. We control the max loss of per trade under 3%, but actually for most order the max loss is under 0.5%-1%.
2. We control the daily drawdown under 10%. If the system hit the drawdown then we stop the system for a while.
3. We control the max account drawdown under 30%.

Risk Preferences:
Conservative: max dd < 15% and 5-10% profit per month
Normal: max dd < 30% and 10-20% profit per month
Aggressive: max dd < 45% and 15-30% profit per month
We have made an impressive performance this month.
For our Spytrader system, we have gained 1.47% this month, as for Beyond, we have gained 4.15%

Thank you for your continued supports and focuses on us.
Any questions and comments are welcome.
Please contact us via skype - wanglm1985
Thank you.

Spytrader gained 43.8 pips yesterday:

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