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What is favored here without any benefit of other TF's is a correction. Price could move back to the tenken, and the chinkou still stay comfortably above the candles. The tenken should be formidable support, and then sling price action further northward. Nothing confirmed yet, but it does look favorable for a move to 1500.

BTW, I hope you are tracking this, because I am not. This gives me good practice on the very same concepts I have espoused in the ichimoku series, which I'm too happy to do.
Of course, the constant posting at your end could be your way of keeping me updated.

Candle touched & stopped @ cloud bottom.
Chinkou breached & now stays above candles.
Tenken is now above kjun.
From down 4th candles has taken support of kjun

Any other observation?

Now what?

Re: GMR Infra

This is an ideal scenario for it to move higher, much higher.
Nevertheless, it probably will not begin this week. The RSI is not close to being my favorite oscillator. Yet, the reading still has to be respected. It tipped the scales over 70, there was the strong move after it went over, and now there has been at least 5 candles since it went over. Now would not be a good time to go long. The RSI needs to rest. Wait for it to get back under 70, and even get close to 50.
Also, watch for the tenken. Once it is touched, it should be th beginning signs the UP will continue. In addition, watch for the kijun 3 candles back, as that level should never be touched.
As long as the above scenario plays out, then the kijun is going to level right on top of the cloud. That is making for ideal containment.
The chinkou could also use a rest, so everything is shaping up for a correction that will be contained above the cloud.

Here is update

As you said, Correction continue here.

But now kjun is also above cloud and its slight turn around

Any change ?

Re: Rcom

This is looking similar to the previous chart.
BTW, can you check your settings? The tenken and kijun are not suppposed to be flat unless the settings are set to the close. No problem if it is. I just want to be sure that is the case, as it makes a difference.

Similar to the previous chart is the reading and overall scenario on the RSI. The kijun is the same reading of the leveling of the cloud in the future which makes for solid S.
A correction is due until the RSI gets under 70 and closer to 50,. When it is finished, price action should still be above the kijun cloud top combo.

Price not able to go above R.

Tenken & kjun both are now flat

Any other observation?

Uptrend will continue:confused:

Crude Oil

I wish I did not miss this at the beginning of the week. It has preformed perfectly.
I would look for the WR2 at 102.22 to be strong R this week. It will take a high octane move to get through that area. The current level, circa 100.70 should be strong S on the bounce. If the WR2 is hit, then we should not finish below the current level.


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Sir, in Nifty Daily charts, we have the Tenkan crossing over the Kijun from below, yet under the cloud.

Can this be considered a weak bullish sentiment ?
LTT, that means the point of the cross is support. As long as the candle is still under the cloud or in it, it is still considered a weak bullish signal. What will strengthen the signal is for the correction back to the TL happen immediately, which also give the tenken and kijun time to catch up, then watch for the tenken and kijun to trail the candle through the cloud and out the other end.

Sir, in Nifty Daily charts, we have the Tenkan crossing over the Kijun from below, yet under the cloud.

Can this be considered a weak bullish sentiment ?
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