Some basic questions

hey guyz i just wanted to know that some brokers are providing just 200 scripts for day trading with margin and some are proving 1500 for day trading with margin (in the eq series nse)

for example:

zerodha : 216 scrips with margin

rksv : 200 around scrips with margin

trade smart online : 1400 scrips with margin

astha trade : 1500 scrips with margin

hdfcsec : 364 scrips with margin

why so much differnce in provinding margin for differnt scrips as in ..why so less scrips are provided with margin in zerodha and why so many scips are provided in astha trade with margin

And is it legal to provide margin on so many scrips as in trade smart online and astha trade ..

for example if want to trade in sumeet industries which is in eq series nse i cannot trade it from hdfcsec on itrday but i can trade it on astha trade with 3x margin :O why so ????????

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