Selecting scrips for Day-Trading

Hi Friends,

I am trying to learn day trading and I want to know how does one select scrips for day trading ? What is the criteria one has to match to qualify a particular scrip for day trading the next day? How many stocks does one generally keep in his watchlist ?

Which websites do you refer to ? ...

I apologize if this has been discussed earlier but I could not find it easily.
You can also point me to any other link in this forum.



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read about day trading university course. The stocks with wide intraday range, 2-3 million shares trading volumes with high liquidity should be the ones.
Thanks a lot for your reply. I did try to find information about day trading university course but most of them I found where for US markets. Could you provide me a few links you may have?

Basically I was trying to get a few very hands-on ideas used by our members and gained from there practical experience. I thought that would help me get it faster.


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