How do you evaluate the mutual funds before selecting it?

Investment in MFs are subjected to market risks. Yes, definitely so one should know the factors on which you consider your fund house and scheme. I also invest in Mfs and would like to tell you some factors that I consider for evaluating specific schemes and fund houses.
Investment Objective: it can be short term or long term such as buying a new car , house or planning a vacation.
Risk tolerance: As per your risk appetite you can choose a scheme. SEBI made it mandatory for each found house to display a “riskometer” that helps investors to view risk associated with the scheme.
Performance Against Benchmark: it is very important to compare the particular fund scheme to its benchmark index to have an idea about performance of the scheme.
Fund Manager’s Experience: it is a very important factor as you should know who is managing your money. Fund managers must be well experienced in the same field and we should also consider performance of the schemes that he/she is handling and also of the previous ones.
Expense Ratio: This ratio tells us how much you will be going to spend for each scheme. The lower it is, the better it is.