Securities Payout Shortage

I bought around 50 shares on 24th Oct..for around 970

Today i get this mail:
We are in short receipt of the above mentioned shares from the Exchange and consequently shares have not been credited to your DP account. In case of shortage in payouts, the process is that the exchange buys the shares in auction or in case the shares are not available in auction too, gives a credit to us at the close out rate. Under the circumstances, you will either receive the shares or a credit at close out price

and another bill mail:
Security Quantity Brought For You Quantity Sold For You Rate Total
XXX 5 1013.67 5068.35

Why has the exchange bought these 5 shares for 1013.67(it said in an auction)..considering the highest price for that scrip was never above 980..during these days..what is happening?


Well-Known Member
Most probably, when your buy order got fulfilled, the seller who filled your order did not have enough shares to deliver. In any case, you are in profit. You need not worry.

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