SEBI Big Step - MCX Going to transform

chota hulk

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SEBI Big Step in MCX very soon LME data NO MATTER, all base-metal are independent from given below months :

Launch New Future Contract with modification based on MCX Price

Aluminium (Mega) - March 2019
Zinc (Mega) - April 2019

Alumini (Mini) - June 2019
Zinc (Mini) - July 2019

Lead (Mega & Mini) - July 2019
Nickel (Mega & Mini) - July 2019
Copper (Mega & Mini) - August 2019

Why difference in Alum Mega and Alum mini price? (everyone thinking)

The due date final settlement price will be based on domestic polled spot prices against the current practice of following international prices. The price calculation will include LME price in rupee term, premium, customs duty and other charges, which will push up base aluminium prices from ₹130 a kg to ₹142 a kg and zinc prices to ₹195 a kg from ₹170 a kg.

No onward all base-metal mange from India, LME data no need. Very big step from SEBI and MCX India:)