Consultation Paper on API/Algo trading rules by SEBI


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SEBI | Consultation Paper on Algorithmic Trading by Retail Investors

Not sure why they are behind retail so badly. First the lot size increase, then the margin and not trying to hit API/algo trading. I think they want mutual fund orgs to grow. It seems a conspiracy to me.
A person who has to gamble will gamble in market anyway :p:D
There is an email at the end of pdf. Send your complaints and suggestion to them.
Problem is that we have these unregulated platforms like tradetron etc and we have greedy retailers who will take risk without understanding and then they will start complaining once they lose money.
But instead of regulation/oversight/raids, these guys are looking for easy way out and just ban api orders itself. Its like banning everyone from talking about the market just because some forms of advice/portfolio management are regulated.

ek saal bhi aram nahi milta sebi se ....