data feed

  1. W

    Indices and its options data

    hello, i need Indices and its futures old data.. 1-min if possible, 5-min snaps will also do. just these two no other stocks.. i've checked pkgmtnl's data but it only goes back to 2019 i need it since early 2000's.. can anybody help? thank you.
  2. R

    Any vendor to provide options intraday data

    Are there any vendors that provide historical data for options on an intraday (> 3 years). Zerodha provides maximum 2 months data for options/futures because the instrument keeps on changing. Thanks for any inputs.
  3. P

    Anyone provide real time implied volatility feed for options

    Hi, Any website or broker provides Implied volatility along with options feed in real time? Regards, P
  4. trendtrade

    Diwali Offers from Data Vendors

    This is the Diwali Time friends, and we get discounts on everything during such festive season. Datafeed is a necessary part for all of us. Some use the Authorized Data Vendors, some use unauthorized, some use free sources, but we all need data for sure. This thread is not for marketing or...
  5. N

    data feed 1 min backfill for 5 years F&O

    hi, anybody reselling the data from GDFL ( global data fee) or truedata india. for 1 min format in F&O segment of NSE. or want to buy from them so we can have few people contri together to buy. as each year historical 1 min data cost 16000 RS per year.
  6. M

    Historical 1 min data

    Hi, Is there any place from where I can download historical intraday (1min) data for most of the cash market stocks for last 2 years (csv format)? I need it for my analytic project. Thank you.
  7. T

    Scanning stocks with Global Data Feed

    Whoever using global data feed products, I want to know whether you can do a full scan/exploration with Amibroker on all available symbols? On their website they have mentioned => for nimble data lite its 5 symbols, and for nimble data pro 200 symbols. Does this mean we can only scan 5 -200...
  8. wabuf

    DATA Request Thread

    Hi Opening this thread for Random people asking Data for FNO | Cash Scripts | IEOD | EOD | MCX | Forex etc This will stop the clutter in Data Feeds & other places... as some individuals are opening threads for sake of just one request . Anyone having data may upload & post here. " In...
  9. X

    Fundamental Analysis data

    I would like to buy fundamental analysis data of all the listed companies. This data should be in a sql database, what are my options. Ofcourse data should be in valid and correct.
  10. F

    Want to build: RT Data Feed systems with HFT and algo trading

    1) Few years of trading/investing experience. 2) Few years i have been investing or trading in the markets. 3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc and real time algo systems. 4) Making trading decisions based on analysis via softwares.
  11. M

    Hello Myself Mayur from thane

    I am looking for Indian Market data feed from a reliable and accurate data feeds.from nse/bse/mcx... an early Help would be highly appreciated. thanks & regards Mayur
  12. S

    want realtime data from zerodha trader

    Hello Friends I am looking for data from zerodha trader terminal to amibroker format. I am looking for 1 min excel as well. Thanks in advance.
  13. N

    RT Datafeed

    hi Authorized Real Time Data Vendors: Authorized Real Time Data Vendors/Redistributors Activ Financial Systems Inc Bloomberg LP. CDP India Pvt Ltd Factset Research Systems Inc. Fidessa Plc. Global Financial Data feeds LLP Icharts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. NeoTrade Analytics Pvt Ltd Instinet...
  14. A

    How to get data feed of MCX GOLD/SIlVER

    Hello All, I am new in MCX trading.. and by profession i am a software engineeer. I am using mvmrealtime mobile software to get MCX updates.. can any one tell me how all these sofwares get the data feed from the internet to display.
  15. D

    Realtime Yahoo Data feed to Amibroker for FREE

    Any intra-day trader needs real time data feeds... The data vendors are very much costly... Real time data is available for free at Yahoo Finance and Google. To feed data of yahoo to ami broker without any plugin is little bit complicated... So, many uses the 3rd party plugins. The...
  16. S

    IB TWS paper account feed & Amibroker

    I have connected Amibroker successfully (by successfully I mean that it shows a Green connected status in the statusbar) to IB TWS in my paper account login. However, Amibroker is refusing to recognize any symbols and also not getting any feed. It says IB is throttling the feed. I have gone...
  17. B

    RT Datafeed and Charting Software for Technical Analysis

    Hello, I am new to your forum. Can you please help me/guide me to pin point how do I obtain information on the following queries of mine. I work for a software company in US which provides real time stock charting software with the Comtex RT datafeed. Direct competitor of eSignal/Amipro...
  18. L

    Odin data to ab through dde link to excel

    Hi, to day I have been able to link odin to AB through excel as server to the DDE link to AB. How to link excel to AB is here-
  19. J

    Back Fill for Quote Tracker?

    Hi, Can anyone help me find a URL that will give free backfill data for QuoteTracker? Thanks. Jsvasan