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    hw mch return %??

    hw mch return 1 shud xpect daily frm 40,000rs capita if trdin EQ? realistic return pls- 100rs daily? 200rs-400rs? 400rs-600rs? 600rs-750rs? 750rs to 1000rs? 1000rs-2000rs? ty j c kisna
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    Hi from kdotb

    Hi I am new in market. Is this a good place to ask basic questions about Mutual Funds? I have few introductory questions which need to clarify. Regards,
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    Regarding closing SIP after 1 year

    Hello Everyone, I have few queries related to closing SIP after exist load limit i.e. after 1 year completion. Suppose If I have investing 2000 rs in any mutual fund through SIP from 1 year.Can i add lumpsum amount in the same sip at any time as a additional amount and sip of rs 2000 will...
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    Tax Audit Due date Extended

    Dear All, Income-tax department has extended the due date for submission of tax audit reports and the corresponding tax returns to 17 October 2016. Regards

    Risk free returns

    SIR I want to know that, how much average AND risk free(i mean low risk) return we can make from INTRADAY TRADING.. :) :) -tradeloader
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    Business Tax Returns Filing Started

    Dear All, The tax filing for Business/profession cases in ITR-4 has started. In case you need any assistance, feel free to add to this thread. Regards
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    Very bad Annual Return from Backtester

    Hi Experts, I am trying to find a good Amibroker system, where I don’t need to trade during the open time. I found the Karma System and when I use the Backtester, it gives me a CAR with 56,72 % (Compounded Annual Return %). The trades settings is Buy/Sell/Short/Cover price OPEN and...
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    Rolling Rate Of Return Plot

    Hi there., I am trying to make a working AFL to plot Rate Of Return based on a timeframe basis, in order to return a plot something like the one on this page as "Arith ROR(Periods): I would like...
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    Please dont risk your capital for 15-20% return yoy

    I have come across various posts, threads stating the right/maximum return in stock trading and most of the times 15-20% is considered as ranked as appropriate. Though its not first time i am hearing this figure, may be i can understand that the western authors have inducted us the most of...