Recovering My losses


What a drag!!!
Now Started of Target 1000K with all type of trading Nifty/Banknifty/Crude....

Let us see, how will i do.

Started with Crude short with target of 3225 from 3260.

First ball (trade) is Home run in CL,
Good and Great Start, All the best.

You can file a recovery case with and have your funds recovered. They are the best recovery Company out there for recovery cases.
Few month’s back I was scammed by a fake Broker, He took all my life savings that got me depressed. I felt like my World was crumbling, until I met someone online that told me about , Even though I was skeptical at first due to so many fake online Scammers, but I felt comfortable when I was told by a Specialist that I don’t need to pay a dime till after the recovery process and have my funds returned back to me. I finally gave them a trial and luckily, in less than 2 weeks I had 80% of what I lost back into my wallet and the scammers punished. You can give them a trial maybe you will also come out Happy like me.


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trade of week times
makes 2k makes 4 k makes 16 k makes 32 k then finally looses - 54 in 1 short ;xD
sounds familar? well thats your story shhhhhhhhhhh
Great guy said ... what matter is how much u lost when u was wrong and how much u made when u was right ;xD
I say .. if u have little capital there is no need to go head to head with best in fight coz u will loose.

Aim is to make $$ so
check is your instrument corrct ?

if i had only 1 lakhs i would not do option that i am dead sure . my better chance to win be in ipo share lol its again only my thinking and way .

just realisted i did posted in your thread in Aug 14, 2015 lol time flies been 7yrs damm close to decade by 3 yrs.

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