Recovering My losses


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If you gain 80% and then loose 50%...
of you loose 50% and then gain 80%...

either ways... you end up in a net loss...!

you have to accept that losses will always cut you deep and try to keep the max loss per trade to acceptable limits. The flip side to this thought process is that the gains per trade is also very small since risk per trade is low.

Trading remains a slow accumulation process where we accumulate small losses and let the winners run. Most traders accumulate small profits and let the loosers run.


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I too lost about Rs.4,00,000 in F&O trading. The directional trades in F&O break our back mercilessly just because we did not want to spend to insure the trade by hedging.

Trading is, I strongly felt and learnt, something which is associated with our psyche towards market. Until and unless you find the balancing synch between our psyche and market we are not going to make it. I spent around 6 months in introspect my mind and my behavior towards the trading.

Finally I devised a strategy based purely on my psychological comfort level and my ability to see the next move of market. It seems working for me. I am now comfortable with my trading and the final result.

I drastically reduced the capital.........and now I trade only Nifty futures.

See yourself How I am faring with this new found mind game.

July series : Traded for 7 days (six days won) and made a profit of Rs.39,000I have lost bare minimum on loosing day. I have made 39% of my capital in trading account.

August series: Traded for 3 days and all days won and made a profit of Rs.10,000. I have made 10% of my capital in trading account.

September series : Traded so far 7 days and all days won and made of profit of Rs.67,000. I have made 67% so far of my capital in trading account.
(****each day I make around 3 to 6 trades......and I gave end of day results)
Giving that it will help you to look into mind mapping to rewire it and approach markets with a new found strategy.

all the best.
Hi Suri

Thanks for your words. Not only me everybody loose their money in the Market. later they will start to earn it.

Could you share your strategy. i am using EMA cross over method, some times it give very good result and bad results.

Still i am learning each and everyday. But i will win this game

Sherwin :thumb:
counting loss of past is a burden forget it. find a good system and follow it. u lost in the past bcose of ur greed and foolishness accept it. unless u get confidence in system trade with less money. one big in life is to be happy revolving around -718k will never make u happy.

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